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Surgeoncut has a rich repertoire of medical know-how and practices shared by leading medical practitioners from across the world. Your subscription to Surgeoncut opens a whole new world of medical education where you learn from experts in their respective domains from the comfort of your home; practically any space, anytime. Get access to premium and exclusive lectures, surgical videos and journals, and more by simply subscribing to our content. Our subscribers get access to exclusive content completely copyrighted by us giving you that edge over the others. From Rhinoplasty to complicated reconstructive surgeries- get access to some ground-breaking content.

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₹8000 / Months


₹1500 / Month

No. of Videos 9 Unlimited Unlimited
New Videos for Every Week 5 2
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Never Stop Learning

Medicine is ever-evolving and in order to achieve success, you need to be on top of your game and hence need to hone your medical know-how and skills constantly. Access to content on Surgeoncut is one of the most powerful tools that you can think of to keep yourself updated. Surgeoncut brings to you the latest developments, innovative practices, and successful case studies in the field of medicine through innumerable lectures, surgical videos, and more. We even offer credible courses that can fetch you credits. Come, be a part of Surgeoncut, update your medical know-how, and achieve professional excellence.

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